Monday, July 03, 2006

Funny and not-so-much

Today's funny and not-so-funny headlines, for your entertainment:

Bush plans $5 billion arms sale to Pakistan

Carmen Electra Named 'Rising Female Star of the Year' by Home Entertainment Industry

The Prairie Muffin Manifesto (courtesy Fark). Headline not as entertaining as the contents. A snippet:

Prairie Muffins do not reflect badly on their husbands by neglecting their appearance; they work with the clay God has given, molding it into an attractive package for the pleasure of their husbands.

Fat people not more jolly, study says

Breast-Feeding Moms Protest Victoria's Secret

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shoes. Let's get some shoes.

I watch this video every day. It makes me smile. My favorite part is when she says, "I'm gonna batchslap yah, shitbag!"

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I found the cutest picture! Check it out here.

Monday, June 05, 2006

iTunes Radio station you must check out

I've posted this once before, but like it so much I post again: Listen to Secret Agent Radio on iTunes. It's the best!

(Thanks to Superfrankenstein for telling me about this in the first place)

Review: An Inconvenient Truth

You should go see this movie. But be warned, the movie is pretty much one long but very well done slideshow by Al Gore. Some of it is amazing, like the before-and-after pictures he shows of Kilamanjaro and other places where you can see that once-striking glaciers have melted away.

The movie dragged a little bit in the middle for me. How many slides can we see of carbon dioxide levels and ocean temperatures rising? We get the point. But overall it was a nice lesson about exactly what global warming was, how it's affecting the Earth and what might happen in the future if the Greenland ice cap breaks up and melts (hint, giant parts of coastline will be submerged.)

You should see this movie for all of its dire predictions about the way the world is headed. You should also see this movie to get a sense of the man that could have been leading this country for the last six years. He's articulate, educated and driven. He has a passion and a cause and has devoted a good part of his life to learning about it.

It's hard to know which is the real Al Gore. Is he the caring, passionate man he presented himself as in the movie? Is he the stiff, buttoned-down politician who was almost-but-not-quite president-elect? I imagine that being dubbed persona non grata in American politics after a lifetime of dedication to the cause must have had quite an effect on him, perhaps made him the more relaxed and introspective man he seems to be today. Would I like to see him run for office again? No. I think the world is better off with him in this advocacy role he's created.

Go see this movie.

Review: My Life in France

I never watched Julia Child on TV while growing up. I thought of her as this unattractive, doddering old British woman who was always doing boring things in the kitchen. Too bad, because I have a huge amount of respect for her now as I am reading her book, "My Life in France." It's about the time she spent as a newlywed with her husband in France, but more than that, it's about how she discovered cooking.

Julia grew up in a wealthy home in Pasadena and didn't know the first thing about cooking. Her family had cooks and they made the American basics in the early-middle part of last century: roast beef, casseroles, ham, etc. She didn't know much about food until her new husband - a gourmand and a bon vivant in his own right - started taking her to great restaurants after they moved to Paris for his job.

While he worked, she was stuck in Paris with no language skills and no purpose in life. She started to fall in love with the food there, and the way people enjoyed it, and before long she was enrolled in language lessons and in the Cordon Bleu cooking school.

The book has wonderful details about the food she learned to make, like a Grand Marnier souffle, and how her cooking skills got so good she could do things like debone a chicken without cutting into it. She would pluck the bones just using the holes at the neck and at the other end of the chicken. Amazing.

That's as far as I've gotten, but I know that she returned to America and started to teach American housewives that there was more to food than baked chicken. She was the original Iron Chef.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Do you, most unholy demon, take this woman....

One of those "only in Seattle" moments:

Did you feel a little something was missing back in March? Did you
have your wedding dress ready, but couldn't find something to marry?
Don't you think a June wedding would be better?

Instead of the annual nuptuals to a phallic local landmark, the
Wedding Planner couldn't pass up the beauty of June 6th, 2006 -- aka
6/6/6. That's right, this year, the Brides are marrying SATAN!
So get out your wedding finest and join the party. Devilish Brides
(and Damned Maids of Honor) of all types are encouraged to come out.

"Date: 6/6/6
Start Time: 6:06 pm
Location: Volunteer Park, by the ampitheatre
Yep, that's a Tuesday evening. We'll start after work, and marry our
Dark Lord by the Black Sun at sunset. Sunset is at 8:10 that day, so
we won't accept "I don't have time to change after work" as an excuse!

(Here's the best part:)

This is a potlucky kind of affair, so in addition to your glamorous
selves, bring a dish. There are no grilling facilities at Volunteer
Park, so extra points to ambitious hibachi bringers.
Other things to bring: musicky making things. Croquet and/or lawn
golf supplies.

(So after marrying Satan, I guess the next best thing is to have potato salad and play croquet....)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It's been so long since I've blogged that I forgot my blogger password.

It took new Play-Doh scented perfume to inspire my blogging sensibilities again.

Is there anything good about smelling like Play-Doh?

I can't give a good reason for not blogging, and so I will blame World of Warcraft for taking up all my spare time. I am an addict, I fully admit it. Please help.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

I spent my Easter eating dim sum, and then lingering over two espressos at Vivace. Yow! Now, on to World of Warcraft.